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The name ‘Perfecter’ is the ultimate label for this product because that is exactly what it does. It perfects your hair. This is not by any means just a curling iron, although voluminous curls and waves can be a direct result of using it. Perfecter Fusion Styler really is the final step in styling which produces that professional salon look we all crave. I can sit here on my laptop and tell you how amazing Perfecter is and that you should buy it. Instead I am going to tell you how it is completely different from any other designing creation I have ever used on my hair. This leads in to the do it yourself celebrity hair. I have always been hired to style up do’s for weddings, proms, etc. Amid the growing revolutionaries in hair care and style, Perfecter is the newest and most innovative for my customers. But more importantly in my personal life, I thoroughly enjoy the freedom of flexibility, especially when it pertains to how I look. If I want to wear my hair pin straight to go with my favorite black dress at a dinner party - the next night I should be able to have long lasting, big waves in the hot club for girls night out. Moreover, I shouldn’t have to go to a salon and pay $50 plus tip every time I want to look my best. That’s where Perfecter comes in. Ladies, if you have been searching for an easy way to get celebrity hair at home with an added plus of overall convenience, then read on.

I have divided up the factors which separate Perfecter Fusion Styler from the best styling products out there in to what I believe are the three most imperative elements in the world of hair. They’re what I like to call the three C’s: Customization, Convenience and Care.

Customization: Think about how many fad diets there are out there. Many work for certain individuals but there are a tremendous amount of dynamics regarding the actual person which influence the results – lifestyle, stress, etc. Every person is different, therefore one diet cannot be formulated for each human being, not to mention leaving everyone with positive results. The same goes for styling tools. Although her hair is inarguably gorgeous, not every woman wants the Kim Kardashian look or takes care of it professionally as much as she does. Some enjoy their own fun and short, bouncy look - or perhaps desire Jennifer Aniston’s flawlessly straight hair. Again, outside what every woman wants is a lifestyle and what they do and use inevitably affects the condition of their hair. Perfecter is the leading tool I have used that works for every hair type and every style. It appears at first to look like a simple, heated brush, yet it’s just the opposite – and completely customized. It is not just for those women who already have perfect hair but complain that they don’t. Perfecter is for those of us with all types of form, shape and length – along with the thick, thin - even the kinky hair too. Let’s face it, we usually want the opposite of the hair type we have. Due to its capabilities, Perfecter can bring you just that, no matter how difficult it currently is for you to obtain it. With my experimentation, I have found I am able to create that ‘just stepped out of the salon for an expensive blow out’ straight look. At the same time, it can give me volume and natural looking curls. Prior to trying Perfecter first time, I purposely left my hair unwashed and frizzy. Put it this way, I would never walk out of the house looking the way that I did. I thought to myself, if this can give me smooth, pin straight hair with it looking like this, then Perfecter is a magic wand. I sectioned my whole head with the salon clips it comes with in the box and took about a five inch chunk to roll upward just as I would my large round brush. Not only did that hair look pin straight with a few slow strokes, it shined as though I had just gotten one of those very popular glaze treatments I normally cringe paying for. Aside from hiding any random sprouting grays’, it did the trick and then some. Seeing the amazing difference between the hair I used Perfecter on and the remainder of my hair was uncanny. The rest of my head appeared dried out - not to mention the frizz being out of control. Perfecter smoothed it out to make perfectly straight hair with a conditioned-treated kind of shine. I immediately threw out the products that Perfecter is completely different from, my beat up curling iron and three small bottles of shine spray because they were no longer needed. Shine sprays of course form just what they’re made for – shine. However, they can also invite an oily scalp or a flat head of hair if I use just a minute amount too much. I moved on to the other side to see what curls and body Perfecter was capable of. The motion I used was slightly different but the results were the same. This section had a natural body; it looked as though I had teased my hair underneath. But the damage of teasing wasn’t there, nor was the need to tame it because it was a lift that literally looked like a happy accident. Take note that this product is not to be used the same way as a curling iron or a brush. When I use it I wrap the ends of my hair around it, rolling it toward my scalp and unrolling downward. What I was pleasantly surprised to see was a nice curl on the bottom with again, the excellent shine and great lift. When I want a more defined curly look, I hold Perfecter in place a few seconds longer and use hair spray prior to rolling it up.

Convenience – During my daily routine getting ready for work, I was using three and sometimes four tools: A Blow dryer, large round brush, teasing comb and either a curling or straightening iron. One Perfecter easily replaced three out of these four. Not only is this convenient for obvious reasons, but when I am traveling I no longer have to stuff my supposed carry-on bag to the brim with the others. I can just slide my Perfecter in the nicely sized black travel pouch it came with and often I do not have to bring the blow dryer since most hotels have them anyway. An added plus is the ouch-free factor. When I am using a curling or straightening iron, some of the time I either slightly burn my hand or my scalp, lifting it too close to my hair line or even removing it from my hair. I don’t have to worry about this with Perfecter because the fusion styler is surrounded by bristles which protects me from ever even feeling the heat. Of course this eliminates my personal safety hazards, but the best part is I am able to adjust Perfecter while it’s intertwined with my hair any which way because it’s cool to the touch. As far as using Perfecter, I highly recommend checking out the tutorials online. I read a few reviews after I tried it and a common thread was women saying it was getting stuck in their hair. It is designed to achieve results quickly, yes, but gently also. Brushing your hair out with the paddle brush first will also help, but most importantly remember even though Perfecter has the possibly deceiving bristles, it’s not a brush. This tool is meant to be rolled up and unrolled out - Not pulled.

Care for Your Hair – The damage we do to our hair using a blow dryer every day is more than enough. That doesn’t even include the environmental effects surrounding us. But to add on the unhealthy heat of irons is a direct cause for longer lasting destruction since the harm is not necessarily detectable until quite some time passes. This in turn causes more trips to the salon and more money out of our pockets. In addition, while teasing can bodify thin or flat hair for the time being, this can bring unwanted split ends. These wind up reaching higher and higher toward the scalp and yet again, generate the need for more frequent hair cuts. When Perfecter’s founder, Maria McCool thought of the idea, she evidently had all of this in mind. The Ion Ceramic component is the groundbreaking technology which prioritized the long term health of women’s hair. The ceramic actually uses a type of electromagnetic heat that can infiltrate the hair safely without burning the outside of it as most irons do. Furthermore, because ceramic heats uniformly, it does not injure any part of the hair. The ions then allow moisture to remain locked in, leaving you with the healthy, professional looking luster. Even better, this shine doesn’t just appear alone, it is paired with protection - defending against future dryness and damage overall.

Perfecter Fusion Styler isn’t just a band aid, nor is it the latest craze among hair care and style. It rejuvenates your natural oils and penetrates while locking in moisture, shielding your delicate hair while you proceed with this easy method of styling. Perfecter is also necessity, a staple, and a permanent tool in my home which has personally lead me to fast and fabulous celebrity hair.



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